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Book Designs by Rodrigo Corral Design

Posted in Books, Design, Publishers, Style, Things to buy by linhdy on November 22, 2010

Rodrigo-Corral-Design books[1. Illustrator: Ben Wiseman; 2. Design: Ben Wiseman, Art Director: Jackie Seow, Simon & Schuster]  Book designs by Rodrigo Corral

Book Publisher Gottund Verlag

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Small, Pennslyvania-based book publisher Gottund Verlag publishes innovative books by emerging and mid-career artists.

Gottund might sound familiar because they also published Coley Brown’s photo book Jam Jelly Honey Wild Rice.  Brown was Ryan McGinley’s assistant before he was discovered and is now a photographer and model.  Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

The below images are from Kasane Nogawa’s book Above Below and Andreas Banderas‘s and Nicholas Gottund‘s book U Tell Me.  Quietly powerful books that leaves me thinking.Kasane Nogawa book Above Below by Gottlund Verlag

U Tell Me by Andreas Banderas and Nicholas Gottund