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For the love of fast food + clever packaging design

Posted in Branding, Commercial, Fashion, Fine Art, Identity, Packaging, Photography, Pretty things, Style by linhdy on March 7, 2010

The epitome of high-end fashion would be combining our love of fast food, fashion & clever packaging design.  Wait no more, as McFancy was a Fashion Week collaboration that re-brands McDonalds into something more like a 5-star restaurant, at least for a brief moment in time!  Playful, aesthetically pleasing, and beautifully executed– this definitely brought a smile to my face.

Marija Ivkovic - McFancy

Marija Ivkovic - McFancyView more pretty photos by the photographer Marija Ivkovic, see pretty things by the stylist, check out the company that did the cupcake wrapper or the plastic cutlery,

From fashion to funny…and funnier

Posted in Celebrity, Fashion, Funny, Photography by linhdy on January 18, 2010

I admit it. I am a materialistic, fashion obsessed…girl. Yes, I am a girl. A female to be exact. I shop and I like it. I get excited about those new pair or earrings at Macys or that hot leather handbag at Nordstrom. Fashion is an extension of creativity. I get to control how I am perceived.

Fashion is funny. Whether or not you consciously participate– you’re still a participant. Like if you throw on t-shirt & jeans everyday– then we all know you don’t care. Or you want to be comfortable. Or you’re just laid back. Either way, we know. We’re all reading the signs.

Anyway, I was taking a quick glance at the fashion blog Foto Decadent, when I saw several photos of Claudia Schiffer by photographer Erwin Wurm (Vogue Deutsch, November 2009).

It starts off with her between two couches. Interesting, right? So I am thinking, “That raises some questions!”

Claudia between couches

Now she’s on the table holding colorful, random objects, with a doll-like expression. Okay…she’s pondering apples & oranges.

Claudia on table

Finally, she’s holding a chair, in a very awkward fashion! Okies…

Claudia with chair

A fellow reader was reminded of this image:

Claudia response

And wait for it…

Claudia response2

And somehow, that really summed up my love for fashion + photography.