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Book Designs by Rodrigo Corral Design

Posted in Books, Design, Publishers, Style, Things to buy by linhdy on November 22, 2010

Rodrigo-Corral-Design books[1. Illustrator: Ben Wiseman; 2. Design: Ben Wiseman, Art Director: Jackie Seow, Simon & Schuster]  Book designs by Rodrigo Corral

Book Designer Coralie Bickford-Smith

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Senior cover designer Coralie Bickford-Smith at Penguin Books has the most wonderfully elegant, playful cover designs.  Judge a book by it’s cover? Yes, please!


Book Publisher Gottund Verlag

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Small, Pennslyvania-based book publisher Gottund Verlag publishes innovative books by emerging and mid-career artists.

Gottund might sound familiar because they also published Coley Brown’s photo book Jam Jelly Honey Wild Rice.  Brown was Ryan McGinley’s assistant before he was discovered and is now a photographer and model.  Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

The below images are from Kasane Nogawa’s book Above Below and Andreas Banderas‘s and Nicholas Gottund‘s book U Tell Me.  Quietly powerful books that leaves me thinking.Kasane Nogawa book Above Below by Gottlund Verlag

U Tell Me by Andreas Banderas and Nicholas Gottund

Frenchie Bags by Clare Vivier

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Okay, don’t hate me because I haven’t been posting!  I’ll be better in the future, promise!

Currently, I’m visiting my parents in North Carolina so I have tons of free time and I’m being productive and looking (online) for a new purse that is (1) practical, (2) reasonably priced,  and (3) beautiful.  Yeah, I can pretty much use that same checklist for everything in life!  But seriously, this decision is hard!

Not sure how to solve that problem, but I have been drooling over these simple, elegant and professional leather bags by Clare Vivier

Claire Vivier bags[Images from the Clare Vivier blog, photographer Amy Theilig]

A celebration of graphic design

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I wish I could keep every beautiful design very close to my heart. But instead, these designs get lost. They go in one eye and out the other. But Albert Exergian‘s clean designs are ones that are worth committing to memory (hence a whole blog post dedicated to him!). I stumbled upon Albert Exergian on the Guardian’s website.

If you didn’t already take a hint, I’ve always had a love the retro, so here’s to modernism!

Exergian is an Austrailian graphic designer who started this personal project based on his love of TV, modernism & posters. Definitely wouldn’t mind having a few of these on my wall…

Charlie's Angles, Albert Exergian

Charlie's Angles, Albert Exergian

30 Rock, Albert Exergian

30 Rock, Albert Exergian

Weeds, Albert Exergian

Weeds, Albert Exergian

Sex and the City, Albert Exergian

Sex and the City, Albert Exergian

Buy ’em.

Craving apartment kitsch

Posted in Apartment, Decorating, Fashion, Living, Shiny Objects, Shopping, Style, Things to buy by linhdy on January 28, 2010

I have been meaning to update more frequently but all I could find myself doing was online window shopping! So I figure, better to spread the love than keep it to myself.

I was scoping out the NY Times trend reports and discovered this awesome retailer called Viva Terra. Say what you will, but if I had money to blow here are some kitschy things I would love to grace our Southern Californian apartment.

Misprint kitchen messages

Misprint kitchen messages, $98

The above signage is perfect for our breakfast sitting area.

Flip flop doormat

Flip flop doormat, $49

This reminds me of childhood Legos, yessssss.

Feed Sack Hamper and Wastebasket

Feed Sack Hamper and Wastebasket, $33

Collage pouf

Collage pouf, $129

African market basket

African market basket, $49

Lord only knows what I would do with the above woven basket– but I could surely find some utilitarian use for it, right?

Flowered enamelware

Flowered enamelware, $55