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4 reasons to look forward to Valentine’s Day

Posted in Fashion, Funny, Love, Pretty things, Uncategorized by linhdy on February 2, 2010

Yes! It’s that time of year! Time to commercialize on romance or the lack of romance in your life! Either you’re in a relationship and looking for something to do or you’re single– and you’re still looking for something to do. Either way, you probably shouldn’t sit at home and ponder the meaning of loneliness.

Design Studio360 is hosting a Valentine’s Day contest “Will you make over my Valentine?” where you can submit unique Valentines! Yes, they are sick of the hearts, the roses, the corniness.

Maybe it’s because I started making my very own Valentine’s Day cards (which I have failed to finished), but I am fascinated with Valentine’s Day cards! Something about the sappy expression of love + appreciation, the candies, the red! Everything just screams novelty. Anyway, I have posted a few favorites from their Flickr feed…if you’re lucky, maybe someone loves you deeply enough to send you one!

(or maybe you don’t want the creepy love message?)

I Wish I Could See Inside Your Head

I'll be your mirror

IOU Love

Valentine's Heart



And if that didn’t satisfy your Valentine’s Day hunger, here are some more retro ones! If you like some retro stock art, check this out.

From fashion to funny…and funnier

Posted in Celebrity, Fashion, Funny, Photography by linhdy on January 18, 2010

I admit it. I am a materialistic, fashion obsessed…girl. Yes, I am a girl. A female to be exact. I shop and I like it. I get excited about those new pair or earrings at Macys or that hot leather handbag at Nordstrom. Fashion is an extension of creativity. I get to control how I am perceived.

Fashion is funny. Whether or not you consciously participate– you’re still a participant. Like if you throw on t-shirt & jeans everyday– then we all know you don’t care. Or you want to be comfortable. Or you’re just laid back. Either way, we know. We’re all reading the signs.

Anyway, I was taking a quick glance at the fashion blog Foto Decadent, when I saw several photos of Claudia Schiffer by photographer Erwin Wurm (Vogue Deutsch, November 2009).

It starts off with her between two couches. Interesting, right? So I am thinking, “That raises some questions!”

Claudia between couches

Now she’s on the table holding colorful, random objects, with a doll-like expression. Okay…she’s pondering apples & oranges.

Claudia on table

Finally, she’s holding a chair, in a very awkward fashion! Okies…

Claudia with chair

A fellow reader was reminded of this image:

Claudia response

And wait for it…

Claudia response2

And somehow, that really summed up my love for fashion + photography.