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William Eggleston at the LACMA

Posted in Uncategorized by linhdy on January 2, 2011

As part of my full-photo immersion, I finally made the trip to the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art to visit the William Eggleston exhibition.  The wonderfully, mundane, color photographs are inspirational.  The sheer size and scale of the exhibit is particularly impressive.  It ranged from his earlier black and white photographs (which capture his early aesthetic style) to his more recent  Paramount Studios project in Los Angeles.

The exhibition contains a fair share of some classic work, some famous work, and some lesser known works!  His mastery of the dye-transfer process to completely highlight the everyday vernacular is eloquent and unexpected.   I was incredibly impressed with his ability to draw the audience in with his off-centered, diagonal frames– but we still understood his vision.  I’m so jealous of his hardcore formalism and eye for design.  The core of his work captured an often overlooked humor surrounding American southern culture.

One interesting tidbit includes how Eggleston often asked for additional feedback editing his work.  For  him, the challenge was that he viewed all his photographs as equal, “I’ve also never had favorite pictures. Or subjects. I have this discipline of treating everything equally-I used to say ‘democratically.'”  It further emphasized how Eggleston has rose to the forefront of modern photography; through his photography, he praised the everyday and helped all of us look at our lives with a fresh perspective.

William Eggleston - Los Alamos

[William Eggleston, Los Alamos, Eggleston Trust]

Read Harmony Korine interview Eggleston at Interview Magazine or visit the Eggleston Trust.

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