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Scheltens & Abbenes: Beautiful Inside and Out

Posted in Uncategorized by linhdy on November 13, 2010

Artists playing with the idea of perspective is nothing new.  But I cannot get enough when they do it well.

Photographer Maurice Scheltens and visual artist Liesbeth Abbenescutting join forces in Scheltens & Abbenes to create quirky, quiet and exploratory works by juxtaposing the objects, the setting and the photograph-as-an-object.

My personal favorite is their floral bouquets; which is a fitting name for a project that is a throwback to 16th century Dutch vanitas paintings.


Cut Outs Display

Second to those,  their Detail In Reverse series is perhaps more awe-inspiring.  These reflect fabric patterns details in the distorted reflections on silver chalices.  It leaves the viewers wondering about the exterior and interior connection.  Do we always reflect what is on the inside?

Scheltens & Abbenes pulls one on the viewer.  It’s false beauty either way you slice.

Detail in Reverse


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