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From fashion to funny…and funnier

Posted in Celebrity, Fashion, Funny, Photography by linhdy on January 18, 2010

I admit it. I am a materialistic, fashion obsessed…girl. Yes, I am a girl. A female to be exact. I shop and I like it. I get excited about those new pair or earrings at Macys or that hot leather handbag at Nordstrom. Fashion is an extension of creativity. I get to control how I am perceived.

Fashion is funny. Whether or not you consciously participate– you’re still a participant. Like if you throw on t-shirt & jeans everyday– then we all know you don’t care. Or you want to be comfortable. Or you’re just laid back. Either way, we know. We’re all reading the signs.

Anyway, I was taking a quick glance at the fashion blog Foto Decadent, when I saw several photos of Claudia Schiffer by photographer Erwin Wurm (Vogue Deutsch, November 2009).

It starts off with her between two couches. Interesting, right? So I am thinking, “That raises some questions!”

Claudia between couches

Now she’s on the table holding colorful, random objects, with a doll-like expression. Okay…she’s pondering apples & oranges.

Claudia on table

Finally, she’s holding a chair, in a very awkward fashion! Okies…

Claudia with chair

A fellow reader was reminded of this image:

Claudia response

And wait for it…

Claudia response2

And somehow, that really summed up my love for fashion + photography.

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